The Gourma Water Agency delimits the easement strips of the Dargo and Yaongo dams

The dams at Dargo and Yaongo have a capacity of 860,000 and 1,895,000 m3 respectively. Located in the town of Dargo 35 km from Boulsa, they were commissioned respectively in 1965 and 2000. These dams are indeed the main potential of the locality.
They know nowadays an occupation of their parts upstream and downstream by anthropic activities which threaten more and more their durability.

In order to overcome this state of anarchic occupation of the banks, the DGAEG proceeded to the delimitation of the band of servitude of these works. To do this, 5 km of Dargo dam banks and 12 km of Yaongo dam banks were delineated by equidistant beacons of 100 meters and the establishment of information and awareness panels on the prohibition of activities. inside the bondage band.