Workshop on National Protection and Preservation of Water Resources

Workshop on National Protection and Preservation of Water Resources

Panning for gold , siltation and invasive plants are serious threats to our water resources . Recognizing this , the SP / PAGIRE organized from 13 to 15 January a national workshop whose theme was “Protection and Preservation of Water Resources .”

During three days of work , more than a hundred actors from IWRM implementation structure were able to measure the magnitude of these three issues on water resources through lectures, field visits and made strong recommendations to limit their impacts.

Regarding gold mining is the most serious threat to water resources. Pollution of rivers and groundwater , soil degradation , destruction of vegetation cover are the resultant . Despite these negatives, this business has more than one million people ( more than four times the number of officials ) and is considered by the World Bank as the fight against poverty . Siltation and invasive plants are not left as equally harmful to water resources. For example, in twenty years , the lake Kompienga lost three meters high water and now , because of the effects of silting and Typha now occupies nearly one million hectares throughout the country. The immediate consequence of these two issues is a reduction in the capacity of dams and fish farming activities .

This inventory of water resources challenged the participants and among the recommendations of the workshop will be essentially selected the operationalization of the water police, the development and implementation of SDAGE and implementation place CLE, public awareness on water -related legislation and enforcement of these laws.